Founded in 2003 by Dr. Harshad Mehta, the 7Cs Group began as a company focused on the luxury industry. Today, we are not only the leading diamond supplier in the Middle-East region but also have a robust portfolio that spans 14 business verticals. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, the 7Cs Group employs more than 1,800 personnel of over 23 different nationalities.

Vision : We aim to facilitate growth for all stakeholders and continue building mutually beneficial, lasting partnerships. Our ambitious and visionary leadership ensures that we keep exploring new frontiers and achieving new victories, thereby facilitating growth for the entire 7Cs family and its partners.

Purpose : We are dedicated to offering a reliable platform that nurtures innovation, rewards excellence and creates value for the stakeholders as well as the community.

Dr. Harshad Mehta – Founder
Dr. Harshad Mehta has over 50 years of global experience in the diamond industry and is recognised as one of the authorities in the diamond business. An ex-Vice Chairman of Dubai Diamond Exchange. Mr. Mehta has been consistently voted among the top 20 powerful Indians in the gulf region and is well known for his humanitarian efforts and support of non-profit foundations like Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation.

Mr. Rihen Mehta – Chairman
Mr. Rihen Mehta is a young visionary with a penchant for creating businesses that deliver consistent results. With over 10 years of experience in the diamond industry, he brings to the table innovative ideas and strategies to keep pace with a growing and challenging market. He was honoured with the title of ‘Young Achievers in Business in the UAE’ by Xponent media in recognition of his contribution to the growth of business in the country.


Aspen Real Estate specializes in renting, buying and selling. We are team of highly trained and professional people with vast experience in the Dubai real estate market. All our agents are RERA certified and possess in depth market and industry knowledge. We are passionate about our customers and strive to deliver exceptional customer service to every client. We are confident that every time the customers deals with us, their experience reflects our vision.

Vision :
Our vision is to be the leading real estate advisory known for reliable investment solutions.

Mission :
At Aspen, our mission is to provide end-to-end solutions in real-estate, focusing on delivering value to our customers by a thorough understanding of their investment needs, as well as in-depth knowledge of the market.


Mr. Keshav PT image

Mr. Keshav PT

With over 25 years in management and consulting in diverse industries, Mr.Keshav heads the investment arm of the 7Cs Group. He is focused on the real estate, banking and hospitality sectors. His diverse background allows him to look at situations differently; covering all aspects of the business, thus maximising returns for the Group. He is also a key member in ensuring that the Group’s philosophy is followed throughout the company.

Mr. Keshav PT image

Mr. Jignesh Shah
General Manager

A professional Chartered Accountant for 16 years, Mr. Jignesh manages Aspen Real Estate Advisory and ensures its efficiency and accountability. He has been a key person and the Finance Head of 7Cs Group for the last 15 years. With a strong trait to be punctual, Jignesh is very action oriented and will always go that extra mile to make sure he gets the job done for his clients and his company.